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Sissel DorsaBack Car

For drivers everywhere


Sissel DorsaBack Car


Sissel DorsaBack Car Before

Sissel DorsaBack Car After

If you want to improve your posture curve when driving, try the Dorsaback Car back support. It is just the back section of a full Dorsaback. Using a Dorsaback with its built-on seat section in a car is awkward, because the seat part stops you settling into the car seat, which can leave the top of your head uncomfortably close to the car's roof. All you need in most cars is support behind your back while you sit properly on the car seat.
  • The shaped ply-board supports almost the entire length of your back
  • The vinyl foam bonded to a poly-suede fabric gives comfort and durability
  • The ergonomics design encourages a natural relaxed sitting position on practically all car seats
  • Strain on the spine is reduced and slouching is discouraged
  • Three-year limited warranty

Customise your Dorsaback Car backrest to suit your particular needs. Simply unzip the product’s cover and insert a sliver of foam or shaped pad to add a little bit of extra comfort.

Important: Do not use adjustable fixing strap if seats are fitted with integrated side impact air bags.


Height  52cm     Width 36 cm

Sissel Dorsaback Car price £36.50 excluding VAT, postage & packing

Available in 3 colours - black, blue and grey

Please contact us for shipping prices outside the UK before ordering as the cost can vary enormously. This includes outside mainland UK (e.g. N Ireland and the Scottish Highlands).

Price: £36.50 (£43.80 Inc. VAT)

The Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow
The Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow

A pillow which will adapt perfectly to your neck contours while helping to keep you cool and fresh all night long.


Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow

100% latex core:
Enjoy excellent support from carefully-blended Innergenetic Latex Foam.

Velda Metropolitan Gel SpotsUnique Gel Technology:

One side of this pillow has 84 gel spots, which provide a cool to-the-touch sleeping surface.

Natural Latex:
The reverse side of this pillow is just naturally resilient latex, which is perceived as neither too warm or too cold.

The open-cell structure of latex, plus holes drilled through the pillow core promote constant air circulation. Good pillow ventilation guarantees optimal evaporation of night-time perspirations.

Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow - Gel Side

Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow - Latex Side


 You can use this pillow either way up. Either rest your head on the side with cool gel spots or lie on the plain latex side. Both sides allow free movement to encourage better sleep quality in every sleeping position during the night.

Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow


The Metropolitan pillow's cover is specially designed and woven to wick away excess heat and moisture while you sleep.

Latex is noiseless, naturally anti-bacterial and resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites.

Plus the pillow cover's fibres have been given Aegis Premium (anti-microbe and moisture regulation) treatment for
permanent protection against bacteria and dust mites.

You can unzip and machine wash the pillow case at 60 degrees centigrade without affecting the Aegis Premium coatings.



Width: 63 cm
Depth: 43 cm
Height: 15 cm

Velda Metropolitan Latex and Gel Pillow - dimensions

Price: £61.00 (£73.20 Inc. VAT)

Mastercare Mini


Why should you buy the Mastercare Mini?

The concept of natural decompression of discs and joints in combination with simple therapeutic exercises in 15 degree inversion has been developed together with experienced medical doctors and physiotherapists in Sweden.

The Mastercare Mini is easy to use. Just a few minutes a day on the Mastercare Mini can relieve back pain and stress on the joints and spine. It can also realign the pelvis with a few simple stretching movements.

The Mastercare Mini is great for relieving muscle spasms as well as neck, shoulder, knee and hip problems. It can also help reduce pain associated with nerve root pressure and sciatica.

Design and safety features: Professional product for home use Safety locks in horizontal & 15 degree positions Padded sliding backrest Padded adjustable footpads Sturdy. Max weight 100kg (15.5 stone) Adjusts to 215cm (7’5”) Weight 19kg (42 lbs)

Dimensions folded: Height ;124cm (4’-1”) Width; 53cm (21”) Depth; 21cm (8.5”)

Two year limited warranty.

The price includes delivery in mainland UK. This product is not available for shipping outside the UK.

Price: £407.50 (£489.00 Inc. VAT)

Car Comfort Combo
Car Comfort Combo
Does your old car seat need an upgrade?

Have you bought a new car and the seats are driving you nuts?

Is there a passenger who always complains about your car seats?

Turn the bad back "Car Seat From Hell" into something far more heavenly with our new Car Seat Combo.


Car Comfort Combo

Whenever customers nip into our store and "borrow" some products to try out in their car, they frequently come up with the same back care solution - an adjustable lower back support, combined with a seat wedge.

Car Comfort Combo 

If sitting hunched up in the car causes you discomfort, a simple backrest and seat wedge combination will help you sit more correctly.

Why? Because the back sections of many car seats either have no additional lumbar support for the lower back, or it is fixed in the wrong place and you can hardly feel any beneficial effects at all. Then the actual seat sections of many car seats slope down backwards so far, it is actually rather difficult to climb out, let alone sit in comfort! You end up with your backside sunk so low, your knees end up higher than your hips. This position can be very uncomfortable after a while.

Now our website customers can learn in a few sentences what we have picked up from watching customers for the past 21 years.

You cannot go far wrong with a back rest and seat wedge combination - our Car Comfort Combo.

Before you buy one, there is only one thing you need to do. Work out your seat cushion's angle of slope.

Car Comfort Combo - work out the seat angle

  • You can visually "guesstimate" the angle your seat slopes down from an imaginary horizontal line
  • Or you can cut-out a segment of stiff card and trim it until the seat angle becomes clear
  • Or if you have a ruler and protractor you can accurately measure the angle of slope
Our seat wedges are made with either 8 degree or 11 degree angles, both can be ordered with or without a coccyx comfort recess. You should allow for the effect of your weight slightly squashing a seat wedge cushion, so if in doubt, choose the 11 degree version.

Your backrest is designed to fit snugly into the curve of your spine. It is filled with high grade visco elastic memory foam, which has a gel-like feel, pressure relieving properties and moulds exactly to your body shape. The foam comes in two parts, an anatomically shaped front piece, backed by a thin section, which can be removed, giving a choice of 2 different backrest depths.

"The car combo' is very effective, increasing comfort on long car journeys in my Citroen C3. I have an arthritic spine and two tin hips. Most cars hold you in the wrong position eg. seat lower than knees, and the combo' seat cushion corrects this. The back cushion is very supportive and stops you slumping. Altogether a good buy which I recommend to people who suffer pain from driving". JMB (Holmfirth) May 2011


Set the height of your backrest by tightening or loosening the strap which hangs around the headrest pillars on a click-buckle strap.

Choose either an 11 degree or an 8 degree seat wedge. Either can come with or without a coccyx comfort recess.

Normal Wedge

Coccyx Wedge

Car Comfort Combo setting the height of the backrest


The Car Comfort Combo is available in black only,
comprising adjustable backrest and seat wedge with the options below.


Adjustable Back Rest & 8 Degree Seat Wedge (plain or coccyx recess)

£42.00 plus VAT
(save £5.35 net off original unit prices)

Adjustable Back Rest & 11 Degree Seat Wedge (plain or coccyx recess)

£46.00 plus VAT
(save £5.61 net off original unit prices)



Price: £42.00 (£50.40 Inc. VAT)

Bath Buddy


If you have forgotten what it is like to bathe in comfort, to be in a bath where you can lie back and be on the very bottom of the bath having a long leisurely soak. Then try the portable Bath Buddy inflatable bath lift.

This magic air cushion is a fantastic bathmate. It is easily portable and can fit in nearly all baths. It offers bathtime mobility to people nationwide.

A User Manual is supplied with the product included in which are instructions on how to use the product safely.

1. Q. What type of bath can I use the Bath Buddy in?
1. A. The Bath Buddy is designed to operate in a standard bath.

2. Q. Why is there a standard and a tall Bath Buddy?
2. A. The tall Bath Buddy seat is 3 inches taller (75mm) than the standard Bath Buddy and is designed for use in deeper baths.

3. Q. Why do I have to select a left or right hand hose?
3. A. The hose attaches to the Bath Buddy seat cushion and for your comfort it can be attached to either side of the cushion so that you will not feel it during use. As most baths adjoin a wall the hose is best placed on whichever side of the cushion is farthest from the wall.

4. Q. Can I use the Bath Buddy in a ‘Corner Bath'?
4. A. No. A corner bath is unsuitable.

5. Q. Can I use the Bath in a bath has a rippled surface?
5. A. No, the Bath Buddy relies on suction to attach to the bath and a rippled surface will prevent the necessary seal from being established.

6. Q. Are there limitations as to who can use a Bath Buddy?
6. A. Yes. A certain amount of upper body strength is required to sit up and lie down whilst bathing together with ability to lift ones legs into the bath.

7. Q. Does the Bath Buddy have a warranty?
7. A. Yes, for two years.

The price below is the VAT Exempt price. To qualify for the VAT exempt price (most of our customers do) you must complete and return a VAT exemption form prior to delivery of the Bath Buddy.

Price: £599.00 (£718.80 Inc. VAT)

The Comfort U-500


The Comfort ‘U-Range’

A family of excellent back-care chairs which have carefully been chosen chairs for their features and benefits which were previously unavailable, until now, for such a trail-blazing low price.

Dual function head support:

Can be a used as a height-adjustable headrest or removed, reversed and angled to provide a more focused height-adjustable neck rest.

C.S. Ergonomics have developed their exclusive Comfort U-500 to help alleviate, reduce or even prevent many common back and neck problems which can occur when seated in the workplace.

The Comfort U– 500

  • A ‘floating’ action tested up to 50 Kg (24-stone)

  • Independent actions for seat angle and back angle.

  • Ergonomically contoured backrest

  • Four-way adjustable lumbar support

  • Adjustable-height and adjustable angle neck / headrest

  • A super-strong and stable six-leg base

  • Extra-large easy-roll castors

  • Adjustable height armrests

  • Soft-feel arm tops

  • Sliding seat depth adjustment

  • Standard seat cushion in plain or ‘memory’ foam

  • Coccyx cut outs in either foam, at no extra cost

  • Three quick-delivery colours (black, blue or burgundy).


Seat depth; 46 cm
Seat width; 51cm
Overall width with arms; 51cm
Back height top-bottom; 52 cm
Back width (widest part); 46 cm
Back height range; 9 cm
Seat height range (black base); 51-66cm


The Comfort U-500 Back Care Chair comes in black, navy blue and burgundy
and costs (incl VAT):

Standard foam no coccyx cut-out


Standard foam with coccyx cut-out £700.60
Memory foam no coccyx cut-out £706.33
Memory foam with coccyx cut-out £738.78

 Delivery is additional at £34.50 including VAT

Nobody weighing more than 100 Kg (approx 16-stone) should use a gas lift chair unless it has been specially designed to accommodate heavier people safely. (Seating at work HSE Books HSG57)

Price: £581.00 (£697.20 Inc. VAT)

Sissel Swedish Orthopaedic Pillow



This pillow was developed in the University Clinic Hospital, Lund, Sweden. It is designed to counter uneven downward pressure on the vertebrae whilst slightly extending and relaxing the neck. It supports the spine and is slightly concave to accommodate the shoulders. Made from cold cast polyurethane foam which dissipates heat. It allows you to sleep on your back or side.

All Sissel orthopaedic pillows feature a substantial support to the lower cervical spinal column.  As a result the entire shoulder and neck region are well-supported.  Due to its unique angle, the pillow fits in between the shoulder and cervical spinal column, filling the space between, supporting the neck and gently leading the spinal column into the anatomically correct position.
A slight stretching effect on neck and spinal column might make the change feel unusual at first. Your body will require a little time (2 to 14 nights) to once again get used to a healthy natural sleep.  Once you are used to your Sissel pillow you will not want to be without it.




Sissel Classic Pillow
(standard density foam)

Sissel Plus Pillow
(reduced density foam)

Height (ridge): 14 cm
Width:- 47 cm
Depth:- 33 cm

Includes velour pillow case

£35.75 + VAT

Height (ridge): 14 cm
Width:- 48 cm
Depth:- 35 cm

Includes velour pillow case

£36.75 + VAT

The combination of an anatomically correct shape and a vario insert - a 2.5 cm (1") removable base section which gives the user a choice of 2 sleeping heights. Holes drilled vertically throughout the foam provide a ventilation systems, which helps keep the pillow cool and makes the foam feel softer than the Sissel Classic Pillow.


Sissel Soft Pillow - Visco Memory Foam


The Sissel Soft Pillow is made of visco-elastic memory foam. The neck pillow for that extra pressure relief. The special visco-elastic and active-breathing foam, originally developed for space travel. The anatomically correct shape for the clinically tested Sissel pillow ensures incomparably relaxed sleep. Sissel SOFT is the perfect material for supporting the back of the neck and taking stress from it, by cuddling around it softly and gently.

This orthopaedic pillow incorporates the advantages of the classic Sissel shape. This shape of pillow has been used successfully by medical professionals world wide over the last 20 years.  Due to its visco elastic properties it offers an even pressure distribution, with slightly reduced support or correction intensity.  This is the ideal pillow for patients with sensitive necks.


• Complete with velour pillow case.
• Size: 47 cm x 33 cm x 14 cm.


£40.75 + VAT


Sissel Soft Plus Pillow - Visco Memory Foam


Sissel Soft Plus Pillow


This orthopaedic pillow incorporates all the advantages of the classic Sissel Soft Pillow (see to the left). This shape of pillow has been used successfully by medical professionals world wide over the last 20 years. Due to its visco elastic properties it offers an even pressure distribution, with slightly reduced support or correction intensity and with the adjustable height makes this the ideal pillow for patients with sensitive necks.

The combination of an anatomically correct shape and a vario insert - a 2.5 cm (1") removable base section which gives the user a choice of 2 sleeping heights.

• Complete with velour pillow case
• Size: 47 cm x 33 cm x 14/11 cm (Height adjustable, 14cm with pad, 11cm without pad)


£59.95 + VAT

Price: £35.75 (£42.90 Inc. VAT)

The Triple C Coccyx Cushion



The "Triple-C" Coccyx Cushion has specially shaped cut-outs allow a tender tailbone to "float in mid-air", while the rest of your back and bottom remain supported. A Triple C is probably the only coccyx cushion which comes with its own back support. The back support not only supports the lumbar area in the lower back, it also prevents the cushion's seat part sliding out from beneath the user.

Tender tailbone to "float in mid-air" Triple C coccyx cushions are sewn into a light nylon cover, complete with cloth carry handles and a removable strap on the back section.

The product is easily portable, and fire resistant to British Standard 5852. It can be washed, but it needs to be dried out gently and slowly. (Tumble-drying will ruin the product).

A Waterproof, vapour-permeable cover, which is removable and washable is available.


The Triple-C Coccyx Cushion Ripple Side Up

The Triple-C Coccyx Cushion Ripple Side Up


Width of seat and back = 16 inches (41 centimetres)
Seat length/back height = 14 inches (36 centimetres)
Depth of foam seat & back = 2 inches (5 centimetres)
Size of each cut-out = 3 inches (7.5 centimetres) square

Max user weight limit = 14 stones, 196 pounds or 88.9 kg

If you are disabled, living in the UK and buying either "Triple C" Cushion for your own use, you will need to complete our VAT Exemption form .

Price: £35.00 (£42.00 Inc. VAT)

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